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Street view image of Nicks Removals - 15 Widgeon Close, Mauldeth Road Station, M14  7DR
Relocation Specialist
15 Widgeon Close
Mauldeth Road Station, M14 7DR
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O-Ren Ishii
I chose Nick’s Removals based on their Google reviews but regret my decision. I was charged £260 for just one 3.5 tonne box van load of furniture despite the quote they gave me agreeing to move all the furniture from the whole flat; on the day they flatly refused to move any more of the furniture saying ‘we’re only doing one van load’. There were three removals men in attendance; ‘Nick’ being one of them. The two older men were both rude and complained bitterly throughout the move; sighing and huffing as they worked. The only member of their team who behaved professionally and was polite was the young lad they had helping them who frankly showed the other two up. A lot of the furniture was just put wherever they felt like it in the new flat; they didn’t bother to ask me where I wanted it and when I asked about this Nick snapped ‘we’re not designers’. Whilst moving wardrobes up the stairs they smashed one into the low roof and damaged it but instead of telling me damage had been done they slyly put the doors of the damaged wardrobe (which they had taken off) facing a wall so I would not see the damage until they had gone – and been paid. A piece of furniture was also smashed into the wooden steps of the new flat knocking a chunk of the wood out of the step. At the old flat I was informed by a friend helping me with the move that there was a smashed vase which these removals men did not admit to either. Several pieces of furniture were scratched and damaged. I was shocked by the rude and unprofessional attitude of Nick and the other older man but to cause damage to the property of the customer you are moving and not even own up or apologise is just disgusting. I have taken photographs of the damage and am willing to send these to anyone who would like to see them. I would advise against using these people for removals as they are not only rude and unprofessional but they WILL damage your furniture as they do not seem to know how to move furniture properly; a cowboy outfit at best.

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